Our Story

In the early years of the 20th Century a 17 year old boy left his family and his sea side home of Dhavlos Cyprus and made his way to America with millions of other immigrants seeking a better life. He worked in America's factories and became a man serving in his new found country's Army during World War I. Decades later he married, had two sons, saved his money and opened his own Greek restaurant called Harry Anthony's Café in Gary, Indiana. That boy was my father.

Mom, Beatrice, was born in Virginia of Greek immigrant parents. Grandpa left grandma to raise their children alone on the South side of Chicago, not exactly a safe place to keep track of three girls and four boys. Mom was the oldest and managed to always find work even during the Depression. Her $10 a week income helped to buy groceries. Everyone worked. Grandma was about four feet high and a tough Spartan. She taught her children the value of hard work, and they all became successful.

Dad made it clear that I was to go to college, and that I had no say in the matter. I did not object. I hated the restaurant business. So I packed my dreams, earned a degree, taught school for a while, pursued other ventures until I finally opened my own restaurant. Whadda Ya Gonna Do?

Mrs. Uncle Peteza, my wife Sidonia, was also born in Gary, Indiana. Her parents were born in America of Polish and Czech parents. Her father, Lou, worked in the Gary Steel Mills while mom, Wanda, worked in the grocery business. They too struggled through the Depression. Lou served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He continued working in the Mills when he returned, but times were tough. Sometimes Lou and Wanda ate a piece of day old cake so their two daughters could have a nourishing meal. They continued to work hard, saved their money and many years later opened their own award winning nursing home.

The lessons of God, Family, Country, Self Reliance, and Tenacity that we learned from these remarkable people have enabled us to achieve whatever success we enjoy today. We believe our family would be proud.

From our family to yours our sincere thank you for supporting our business all these years.